Mystery Candle with Tarot Card inside

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Mystery Candle with Tarot Card inside
Mystery Candle with Tarot Card inside
Mystery Candle with Tarot Card inside
Mystery Candle with Tarot Card inside
Mystery Candle with Tarot Card inside

Mystery Candle With tarot card 

Relaxing zen fragrance 

Tarot card inside the little bottle , When you get your card from the bottle simple come back here and read what the card means.

Card Meanings 

The Fool indicates someone who is exuberant and not afraid to show you just how much they enjoy life. They like to try new things but might lose interest after the initial excitement has worn off. They believe everything will work out well for them. They are full of faith and charisma. They listen to their hearts and follow their bliss and joy. Taking risks are a way of life, and more times than not, it is paying off.


The Magician people can manifest and create almost anything they put their minds to. This is the mind over matter tarot card and it indicates people who have amazing abilities to use their skill and knowledge in ways that serve them. They believe anything is possible. They are often very creative people who are used to take the initiative. They are great at selling themselves. They can sell sand in the desert if they had to. They dream big and successfully move in any direction they choose. This card speak of your mind and your intellect, to use your intelligence to create and manifest. Play smart or don’t play at all is the energy of this card. It also tells you to remember your spirit, and that your actions have consequences for your spirit and soul, as well as your physical body. It is a very innovative card. If you draw this card it often means your spirit is pushing you in a direction that is exciting and stimulating. You might find yourself inventing something completely new or doing something in a new way. Whatever you do you’ll be quite the trendsetter as you seem to have magical abilities and everything you touch turns to gold.


High Priestess tarot card speaks of someone with an intuitive and mysterious nature. This is someone who is highly intelligent and psychic, often well-educated and also very calculated. This is someone who needs to know what is going on and who needs to be in control, especially through gaining knowledge and working out the truth of a situation. High priestess is someone who has a hard shell and is not easy to figure out. Behind the shell is a very sensitive person who doesn’t always show you how they feel.


The Empress speaks of someone who is very warm, sensual, loving, charismatic and beautiful. This is someone who loves deeply and openly shows their affections towards others. They are very creative people with nurturing instincts. Intelligent and artistic they often do very well in the professional world. Empress people love artful pursuits and turn their surroundings into a beautiful haven. They care for the environment and everything that is alive. They make excellent parents and are very determined to get things done.


Emperor tarot card denotes someone competitive and ambitious. This is the aggressive alpha-male who naturally gain power over others. Honest and offensive, Emperor people don’t apologise for their behaviour. They are confident and sure of their own worth, ready to take charge of any situation. Confrontational by nature they often exhibit anger issues and have a big ego. They love being in charge. They also love getting lots of attention from others.


The Hierophant tarot card denotes someone who is searching for meaning in life. They are looking for an alternative approach when challenged and are wise teachers and friends. Hierophant people walk their talk and are very educated and classy people. They give strength and support to those around them are often referred to as the ‘rock’ of someone’s life. Open to others beliefs and ideas they don’t get bound by them. They strongly stay by their own firm beliefs.


The Lovers tarot card denotes someone who makes choices from the heart. This is someone who needs to emotionally and intellectually connect to every aspect of their lives. This is someone who puts efforts into the way they look and are very passionate and sensual people. They are attractive and passionate. Their appearance and image are important to them and they care what you think of them. They put an effort into their relationship by being witty, curious and appealing. They often need to be in a relationship to feel whole.


Chariot tarot card people are very strong-willed. They are determined to succeed in this world and come across as quite fearless. Sometimes they fake it until they make it and they are rarely as confident as they seem. What drives them is their desire to do well, and they will work hard to get what they want. This is someone who puts in the effort. They can be diligent, self-composed, self-aware, controlling and brave.


Strength tarot card indicates someone with great inner strength and leadership. This is someone with plenty of passions and hobbies. Caring for others is second nature to them. It is not even something they do it is just who they are! They forgive easily as they are very confident people. On top of that, they are kind and gentle. Strength people are patient, balanced, soft, sensitive, passionate and fun. They are unique people who are often very eccentric and artistic, exploring life through their big philanthropic hearts.


Hermit tarot card denotes someone who is wise beyond their years, a true old soul. They are often on a spiritual quest for truth and enlightenment. They connect with their inner light through reading, writing, teaching and mentoring, and they consider life to be a big mystery. This is someone who spends a lot of time alone, however, they don’t consider themselves lonely. They thrive in their solitude as they often spend this time writing and reading. Hermit people have heightened sensitivities and need to prove their worth through service and hard work. They tend to be meticulous and over-critical of themselves, fixating on unnecessary details rather than seeing the big picture.


Wheel of fortune tarot card denotes someone who has traveled, educated themselves and who has an expanded awareness. They adapt easily and is considered to be very lucky people, often receiving high regards from others. They have a strong sense of purpose and belonging, and they are not afraid to try something new. Pride and grandeur by nature they often love to party and are often the center of attention. Wheel of fortune people carry themselves with style. They are always busy going somewhere and doing something exciting. They have little time for sleep and down time as they are busy achieving. This is someone who always land on their feet and who bounces back stronger from every little setback.


Justice is someone with a strong sense of what is right and wrong and who likes to play fair and square. They like things to be balanced and take their time making decisions as they often fear they will make the wrong one. They are good at setting their emotions aside to make use of their logical brain. Sometimes they are considered to be cold as they don’t like to show their emotions, however, Justice people just wants to stay true to their principles. It takes a lot for them to let go of their position and when they do they will think about it for a long time. They look at all sides of a situation, considering all viewpoints before they make their minds up on the matter. Justice people are psychologically stable people who seek balance in all of their relationships. They need partnerships to be blissful and harmonious to feel good, if not they suffer a lot and will work hard towards a peaceful conflict resolution.


The Hanged Man speaks of someone who is sacrificing parts of themselves to create a higher good. They don’t like conflict and will often carry most of the load to keep others happy and balanced. They are either doing too much or too little to help themselves. They like to escape into daydreams and need to pause regularly for reflection. When feeling attacked they often fall apart emotionally and can lash out quite dramatically. Their ideas are often unconventional and they both feel different and are different from the rest of us. The Hanged Man is viewing the world from a different perspective and is trying to figure out how the world works by observation. This is someone who is a mystic and a visionary, and who is bidding their time to make their move. This person might very well be a genius, something that is rarely appreciated in their time, often due to their own inconstant and vague efforts.


Death tarot card denotes someone who is going through a great transformation and has experienced their share of loss and endings. They need to release the past, let go and let God. This is someone who needs to surrender what is beyond their control. They might feel drawn towards everything dark and dangerous with deep urges to survive, reproduce and have power and control. Sometimes there are issues with money and owing money to others, as well as gaining an inheritance of some kind. There are hidden grief in Death people who are waiting to be released so that a new dawn can emerge. They never forget if someone has hurt them and is often dreaming of revenge and payback.


Temperance tarot card is someone who is used to compromise and who has a patient and balanced approach. This is someone who has healing and psychic abilities. They often combine two totally different aspects of a situation to create something new and fresh. They are great at management, especially when it comes to managing people. This is someone who gets the best out of people. They believe in moderation and are aiming at long-term goals, higher education, and far away places. This is someone who lives their adult life quite different from how they grew up, often even in a new country with a different culture. They live by the rule; a marathon lasts longer than a spring, and pursuit their goals and dreams in the same manner. Everything happens when it’s meant to, there is no need to rush it. Temperance tarot card people are excellent communicators and mediators.


The Devil tarot card denotes someone who has a very strong will and often executes this strong will to gain power and control over others. This is someone who will make something happen not because it is the will of God but because it is the will of man. Devil people are very stubborn and they are often chained to their own stubborn ways like slaves. It gives results but at a high price. They are angry and obsessive, stuck in a toxic pattern they believe they need. Beneath it all is someone with low self-esteem who is afraid of failure. They get things done when everyone else has given up. They never play complacent with anyone. They are highly sexual people. They need to be stimulated by either food (sugar), drugs, tobacco or alcohol to cope.


The Tower tarot card denotes someone who is ready to shake up the status quo. They often have emotional outbursts and behave in a way that rocks the foundation of relationships, families, workplaces and organizations. Wherever they go they rock the boat, often by revealing truths and secrets. This is someone who has arguments, altercations, and drama wherever they go. They are activists, hackers, and anarchists, confronting and attacking old and outdated structures.


The Star tarot card denotes someone who has gone through a difficult time and come out the other end with great hope and determination. Star people believe in themselves and in their abilities, they have plenty of friends, dreams and ideals. They are humanitarians and revolutionaries, inventors and philosophers. Intellectual, artistic and idealistic by nature, Star people are passionate about social welfare issues. They believe in working towards the greater good of humanity.


Moon tarot card denotes someone who is mysterious, receptive and intuitive. They are very empathetic and tend to absorb their environment like a sponge, getting lost in those around them. Many exhibit amazing artistic abilities and psychic gifts. Moon people need to face their fears so they can grow stronger and more confident. They don’t always tell you the truth as they fear others reactions. There has often been a lot of manipulation and game playing in this person’s life which keeps them on their toe. Moon people are also great manipulators and liars if need to be. They have problems with trust.


Sun tarot card people are optimistic, happy and confident who is always looking for ways to enjoy life and experience joy. This is someone with a youthful and carefree nature, no matter what age. They love new beginnings, seeing new places and learning new skills. They never grow old.


Judgement tarot card is someone who is very assertive and who enjoys being the one in charge. They know what they want and how to get it and they are excellent judgement of characters. If something is out of their control they feel quite uneasy about it. Judgement is someone concerned with the long-term future of the human existence. They are great leaders and full of courage. Judgement people are quite good at getting what they want, even if some manipulation is needed. Deep down they have a calling, but they are not always listening to it. As soon as they accept their life purpose, they blossom into someone with great clarity. They often start a completely new direction later in life. Their challenge is to break free from recurring patterns and behaviors holding them back.


Confident, wise, worldly and full of life experience, The World tarot card is someone with substance. They are not afraid to put in the efforts and get their hands dirty and they are often quickly promoted in their jobs. They excel in teaching/training positions. World tarot card is someone who is confident in most situations. Their positive attitude and skills often take them to overseas locations where they share their knowledge. At the same time they love to learn; in fact, they have to keep learning to feel alive. They are often very well-educated as well as having plenty of practical knowledge. World people can be relied upon, and are often in trusted positions in the workplace.



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